Bryan Strongly Supports City Employees and Pensions

I have received more than 300 surveys back from constituents in Apopka and one of the comments I see the most is about how wonderful and dedicated our City employees are.  I completely agree!  Our City pension plan is a great way to attract and keep our employees and it is something I strongly support.

In early 2017, the City pension board voted unanimously to upgrade the general employee pension plan which would add benefits for long-term employees.  The current Mayor has not adopted this provision to add benefits for long-term employees as of yet.  Under my administration, City employee pensions are safe and secure.

I strongly believe in adopting the addition of benefits as the board recommended.  Thankfully, the fire and police pension enhancement has already been adopted.  Our pension plan is a great tool to retain our long-term employees and also to help incentivize our newer employees to become long-term employees by continuing their great work for our City for years to come.

We need to protect our employees.  They are one of the greatest assets our City has.  As your next Mayor, I will work to protect our employees and their pensions.