Nelson leads the way in huge fundraising and spending period

A campaign, in many ways, is like a business.

 It manages assets (contributions) and liabilities (expenses) in its pursuit of a profit. And in this case, a profit is the majority of the votes cast in an election.

Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson raised $16,240.

How a campaign differs from business is that only one candidate is successful. There is only room for one winner in this industry. Two great companies like Coke and Pepsi or Apple and Microsoft cannot coexist, and small businesses in the same industry (election) netting a small market share are little more than an afterthought.

There’s also an absolute certainty that a political campaign will go out of business on election day – win or lose.

With that said it only makes sense that campaigns do a lot of spending in the last days of an election. And the business of politics was good in Apopka these last few weeks.

Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer raised $12,635.

From the beginning of January until the first week of February, the 10 candidates running for Apopka mayor and city commission both raised and spent contributions at a record clip.

329 donors gave the candidates $72,464.67 in the first five weeks of 2018, which is an astounding 34% of the entire fundraising haul of all campaigns. And despite the record month of fundraising, spending outmatched it.

 Going into the last month of the election, the 10 candidates for elected office in Apopka spent $83,564.48, which is 39% of everything collected in the entire election cycle. After this spending spree, the candidates only have 30% of everything they raised for the entire campaign season for the stretch run.

Nelson, the Orange County Commissioner for District 2, led all candidates with 60 donors giving him $16,240. This pushes his total contributions to $69,675, which also leads all candidates in the five-week period ending February 9th, Nelson spent $23,157.87. This leaves him with $18,981.31, the most of any candidate.And no one exemplified the breakneck pace of raising and spending than mayoral candidate Bryan Nelson.

Not far behind was incumbent Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer, who had 53 donors contribute $12,635, which gives him $65,485 in total contributions. Kilsheimer also spent at a high rate in the five-week period, 24,878.19, which leaves him with $13,001 for the final month of the campaign


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